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Therapy is offered, at this time (because of covid-19) on an individual basis, using Zoom video call. Therapy will target specific goals outlined from the assessment/screening process and a written goal form will be provided. Speech On Eyre aims to target the goals that are outlined in your NDIA plan or as requested based on the needs of the client. All therapies given utilise an evidence-based approach to ensure that clients are to be provided with the most up to date procedures that best suits their specific needs.


Measurable treatment goals applicable to both home and school settings


Home practice materials and resources provided with each consultation


Consultations to Private Schools including training, completion of assessments, and written recommendations with measurable goals applicable to the classroom environment


Training kindergarten and day care staff by demonstrating Hanen-based principles to best enhance speech language development, with special focus on early intervention


Skype and other media-based networks for remote service delivery


Easy to follow home/school speech therapy packages


Literacy programs specifically designed for each student


Therapy Fees

No referral is needed to access therapy at SOE. Parents and clients are encouraged to use their funding from the above sources.

SOE follows current NDIA rates for therapy sessions.

Service Type
Medicare (those on a care plan)
60 minute sessions
45 minute sessions
30 minute sessions