Funding Initiatives

Fees & Rebates

Medicare Benefit Schemes:

At Speech on Eyre, Karen is happy to work with your General Practitioner to provide therapy under a CDM plan. The Chronic Disease Management scheme is initiated by your General Practitioner and available to children and adults with Chronic Care needs. People with Autism are automatically eligible for the CDM because an Autism Spectrum Disorder is a chronic condition.

The Medicare rebate is available for five sessions of Allied Health therapy, including:
  • Speech Pathology, per calendar year.
  • Please note that CDM plans are ONLY allowed to be used for Individual Therapy sessions. The CDM Plan does NOT allow for Group Therapy sessions, including Social Skills Groups, to be claimed by Medicare.

For more information about the CDM program you can download the following Information Sheets from Medicare and Speech Pathology Australia or speak to your General Practitioner.

NDIS Benefit Schemes:

Speech On Eyre is a registered provider with NDIA and is currently working with both children and adults using this scheme. We provide assessments and ongoing therapy based on your NDIA goals listed in your plan. SOE is currently seeing clients whom are NDIA managed, plan managed and self-managed.

Costs are available on the NDIS website, using the following link:

Assessment Fees

Assessments consist of consultation with parent/carer/client regarding the request for an assessment from SOE. Informal and formal tests are utilised to assess a variety of speech, language, and feeding sills. A report is completed upon request of the client.

No referral is needed to get an assessment at Speech On Eyre.

Common Forms can be found on our resources page:

Service Type
Assessment with report



Therapy Fees

No referral is needed to access therapy at SOE. Parents and clients are encouraged to use their funding from the above sources.

SOE follows current NDIA rates for therapy sessions.

Service Type
Medicare (those on a care plan)
60 minute sessions
45 minute sessions
30 minute sessions



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