DIR Floortime®


DIR Floortime is based on a developmental theory that says that all children need to reach certain milestones so they can keep developing emotionally and intellectually. It claims that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and children with other disabilities have difficulty reaching these milestones.

DIR floortime initial course completed and these principles are being used in all therapy sessions.
The DIR model helps us understand and promote the positive development of all children, DIR and DIRFloortime are most commonly utilized with children with educational, social-emotional, mental health, and/or developmental challenges. DIRFloortime has become most widely known as an approach to support children with with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
Decision Making & Consent

Consent is the permission given by a person or substitute decision maker concerning decisions that affect a person’s life. Consent requires a person to be informed about what they are giving consent to or for. Consent requires an understanding of the decision at hand which is referred to as capacity. When a person has the capacity to make a particular decision, they can:
• understand the facts and choices involved
• weigh up the consequences, and
• communicate the decision.


Some people may need support to exercise their capacity to make decisions that affect them, and to increase their decision-making skills and confidence. Participants are always presumed to have the capacity to make their own decisions and give consent when it is required, unless there is evidence otherwise. We don’t assume a person lacks capacity because of their age, appearance, disability, behaviour, language skills or any other condition or characteristic.


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